Research focus

Climate variability and change are affecting human and natural systems – it has done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Advancing our understanding and predictive capabilities of the pace and magnitude of climate variability and change is critical to inform how to best manage the associated impacts.

I aim to understand the physical mechanisms and dynamics that give rise to climate variability and change through a combination of models, observations, and theory. Beyond that, I strive to connect my research outcomes to impacts on the ground, primarily investigating how climate variability and change affects terrestrial hydroclimate with a focus on water resources.

Current projects:

  • “Ambizione” project on constraining mid-latitude climate projections; Public project website; Funding: Swiss NSF
  • CLIVAR Working Group on Large Ensembles with Earth System Models; Project website; Funding: NSF  –> Multi-Model Large Ensemble Archive
  • Improving the reliability of southwestern US water supply forecasting in the face of climate variability; Funding: Reclamation
  • Short-range forecasts of weather-driven channel losses and gains on the Lower Colorado River; Funding: Reclamation
  • Cooperative Agreement To Analyze Variability, Change and Predictability in the Earth System (CATALYST; project website); Funding: DOE

Contributions to other projects:

  • World Weather Attribution group (website)
  • Western Water Assessment report on the Colorado River Basin (website)
  • IPCC 6th Assessment Report (website)